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Paid Ads Management

Never run ads before? Been hitting the "boost" button and not seeing results? Maybe you're thinking "I know I need to do ads, but I'm too busy and don't have time to do it all!"

I specialise in managing paid advertising for eCommerce businesses. From strategy to execution. Optimisation to reporting. I leverage a proven methodology to manage all aspects of your paid Facebook and Instagram ads.  So that we can improve return on ad spend and grow and scale your store.


  • Ad strategy and campaign hierarchy development

  • Ad creative including copywriting and image selection for ads

  • Audience set up and suggested targeting

  • Typically 4 - 5 campaigns targeting cold and warm audiences

  • Regular testing, monitoring and campaign optimisation

  • Weekly update on optimisations and changes

  • Monthly reporting on ad performance including insights, key learnings and recommendations

  • One hour zoom catch up every month to review results and upcoming priorities

Please note: a minimum commitment of 3 months is needed to allow enough time for creative testing and to ensure we're achieving the best possible results in getting your ads to achieve the agreed goals. Ad spend is additional and paid directly to Meta. A recommended spend will be outlined with your ad strategy.

Paid Ads Audit & Custom Session

Not ready to fully outsource your paid ads yet? No worries! Then an ad account audit and custom coaching session might be just what you need. In this package I’ll get your business manager set up, your pixel optimised and set up your audiences so you know who to advertise to. Plus you'll get a customised ad strategy so you know what to set up after our session.



  • Ads manager health check including pixel set up

  • Ensure you’re business manager is iOS ready

  • Review any past campaigns to see what’s working and where the opportunities are

  • Develop an ad strategy and campaign hierarchy

  • Recommended audience targeting and set up

  • 3 x example ad creatives to use across the campaign hierarchy

  • 2 x 1 hour custom coaching sessions

Please note: this package takes 2 - 3 weeks in development prior to our first coaching session. I recommend that coaching sessions take place a minimum of one week apart. In addition to having access to your business manager account, I may also need relevant access to your existing Facebook and Instagram accounts so this can be linked.

Ads Manager Health Check

This package is coming soon.

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