Blush Social

Hi, I'm Casey Allen

Founder and Paid Ads Strategist at Blush Social.

Have you ever looked back and it all made sense?

A background in marketing, then a journey into motherhood and starting an e-commerce brand has led me to where I am today. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

The flexibility of running an e-commerce business with a young family was amazing, but what it really uncovered was a love of paid social advertising. I quickly saw the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising for my own brand to reach more of my dream customers, grow a loyal customer base and increase overall product sales.

Blush Social
Blush Social

This discovery led to the creation of Blush Social...

A boutique digital marketing agency that focuses on paid social advertising for female-led e-commerce lifestyle brands. Now I spend my days hanging out in Meta Ads Manager, analysing data and problem solving on how to improve the results of advertising campaigns for my amazing clients. Dream job right there!

It's a privilege to manage something so important to the marketing strategy...

And take it off the business owner's busy plate. This allows them to focus on their zone of genius, while I work my magic to maximise sales and growth through results-driven advertising strategies. I'm big on best practice and staying up to date with the ever changing digital landscape (so my clients don't have to). I really enjoy helping others and sharing in their success, as I personally know how much heart and soul goes into running a successful online store. 

Blush Social
Blush Social

On a personal note...

I live in the beautiful South Coast of NSW with my husband, little girl and our most recent addition, a Spoodle called Rowdy (aptly named!). We love to spend our days enjoying the beach and exploring the beautiful escarpment that surrounds where we live.

Favourite drink

Cup of tea

Go-to affirmation

I am worthy

Partner in crime

My pup Rowdy

Fave read

Light fiction

Always craving

Dark chocolate

Loving right now

Sunset walks

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Ads Coaching

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Power Hour

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