E-Com Ads Accelerator 

Grow Your E-Commerce Store With Facebook Ads

When you started your online store, you probably thought that building a website and starting a social media page would be all you need to sell your products.

Then you realised, relying on organic reach to sell just isn’t going to get you anywhere near close to your money goals.

So, you tried paying to get traffic to your website and failed miserably. Now you’re left wondering how anyone grows an online store these days.


Here's the secret to growing your online store sales using Facebook and Instagram ads

Selling your products online is glorified math, minus the anxiety of high school algebra.

To get more sales, you need more eyeballs. Just to be clear these eyeballs are attached to you dream customers body.

Sounds simple, right?

But if you've ever felt like you were spending endless hours trying to reach your customer using socials or maybe you’ve thrown money at ads without a return, you know it's not simple at all.

You just haven't learned the formula for e-commerce success yet. And I’m here to help you solve it.


Introducing the E-Com Ads Accelerator

  • If you want consistent, round-the-clock sales.
  • If you crave to hit those 5-figure months that seem like a pipe dream.
  • If you want an online store that sells on autopilot while you sleep.

It all starts with E-com Ads Accelerator

Selling online is not just about having a huge social media following. It’s about getting your products into the feed of your dream customers more often. Facebook and Instagram ads will consistently put you in front of the people who are ready to buy right now. Even the ones who haven’t discovered your brand, yet!

Hi, I'm Casey

The founder of Blush Social and a passionate digital marketer, who has been in your shoes.

Having founded my own successful e-commerce business, I "get it". Wearing all the hats, trying to make your brand stand out in a sea of competitors while keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape is a LOT.

That's why I'm here to teach you paid advertising, utilising it as a strategic tool in your marketing suite to build awareness and loyalty, increase sales, and ultimately transform your brand into a highly profitable one.

But how?

Here's How It's Done

Step 1:

Optimise your online store and transform your website into a selling machine that customers love to buy from.

Step 2:

Create scroll stopping ads that grab your dream customers attention instantly and get them clicking through to your website.

Step 3:

Build out a campaign strategy that ensures your products are seen multiple times by potential buyers, because repetition sells.

Step 4:

Understand the metrics, stop wasting money and start optimising your return on investment.

E-Com Ads Accelerator

Get the entire paid ads strategy to turn your online store sales on autopilot and achieve consistent 5 figure sales months you can scale.

  • E-Com Ads Accelerator will take your hand and help you use Facebook and Instagram ads to sell your products on repeat. Zero overwhelm here.

  • E-Com Ads Accelerator will give you the tools to run your own Facebook and Instagram ads without throwing money down the drain on expensive campaigns. Your bank account will thank you.

  • E-Com Ads Accelerator will give you the exact steps to help you implement as you learn. Easy. Actionable. Effortless.

Welcome to a proven step by step formular to effortlessly sell your products over and over again using Facebook and Instagram ads.

It’s The Difference Between Struggling To Make $20,000 A Year Or Easily Earning That In One Month.

When you master paid ads, here’s what happens…

Your marketing costs are calculated ahead of time, meaning you know exactly how much you’re going to spend and how much you’re going to make.

You get consistent and repeatable sales of your products. Your bank account has never looked so good. Your advertising costs go down, increasing your return on investment for every dollar spent and taking even more of the profits.

No more dancing in front of the camera in an attempt to make a viral reel. No more wasting money trying to implement random how-to videos you watched on You Tube. No more fumbling your way through Ads Manager not knowing what buttons to click.

You masterfully navigate the Ads Manager dashboard and know exactly what to do with your eyes closed. You set up ads in minutes, not days. The result? More Eyeballs = More Sales.

Here’s How We Roll:

  • 4 training modules, including foundational e-commerce training, Facebook and Instagram ads training and understanding your metrics
  • Proven tactics for creating high converting campaigns
  • Hot tips for targeting and retargeting your dream customer
  • Proven strategies for creating scroll stopping ads
  • Easy to follow techniques for writing effective ad copy
Ready to grow your online store sales?

One Time Payment


Normally $147

  • Lifetime access to the online modules and lessons
  • Worksheets and guides to fast-track your sales success

Is this you:

  • Feel like it’s safer to keep playing the organic social media long game?
  • Think boosting a post here and there is enough?
  • Running traffic ads and wondering why no one is buying?


Many have tried and seen their potential sales evaporate.

That's why this course focuses on tangible, measurable results.

You receive a profit calculator, tailored training, and strategies that increase sales, and ultimately transform your brand into a highly profitable one.

Picture starting your day with a full slate of new orders waiting to be shipped.

That’s what selling your products with Facebook and Instagram ads is like.

Get off socials and stop trying to beat the algorithm. Stop watching random how-to videos on the internet.

Leverage your skills, knowledge and time to grow your business.

Let your products make a real impact on thousands of lives.

Build a digital presence that positions you as the authority in your niche, so your raving fans will be telling all their friends about you.

Selling your products with Facebook and Instagram ads will get you there.

Join now and grow your e-commerce store with paid ads.


This course has helped take our Meta ads from a basic setup with no direction or strategy and turn it into a full-fledged funnel with a roadmap for us to scale into the future - Sophie

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Find more of your dream customers. Get them to your online store. Then convert them into paying customers.

If you're ready to learn how to run profitable paid ads and make more online sales, then enroll today!